The company operates in the cosmetic field and realizes exclusive products for beauty and body care.
The professionalism, the dynamic character and the winning strategies of the group have allowed one fast affirmation in the national and international cosmetic and para-pharmaceutical field.
Today we realize a wide range of products specific and innovated for hair removal method, that they answer to every requirement and help to resolve the problems of the unwanted hairs with micro-derma abrasion system. Our specialization thanks to long studies centralizes on the improvement of this technique, the search of the materials with the highest standard of safeness and reliability, and from a lot of tests in order to test the effects. The result: effective and sure products.

We produce for the fields: pharmacies, herbalists, sanitary, Perfume shops, aesthetic centres and great distribution. We are in a position to supplying every type of personalized products, whether in content and in packaging