Hypo allergenic valuation

The product has been studied through series deepened of tests and the experimentation on a group champion, with the following results:
* the product turns out not annoying and not allergenic, if applied on the healthy and intact skin
* the possible problems of tolerability evidence the connection to
modality of improper use from the consumer
realized Study gives: AGER Limited liability company of Monza (Milan)..
Responsible of the tests: Dott.sa Erika C. medical Schmitt specialist surgeon in dermatology

Extract of the declaration, relative to the active surface:
a) Dangerousness of the active surface = not found ; b) Skin = dangerous collaterals effects are not found.
The active surface you cover yourself (to abrasive action) are not defined dangerous.

Extract of the declaration, relative to the plastic material:
The material with which the depilating handle is manufactured, answers to norms EN 71/3.